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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Wales Assembly Statement of Opinion – Reducing Tax on Tourism

A new bid was recently introduced in the Assembly and Westminster, urging the UK government to take action in cutting the tourism VAT to 5%. According to a recent Wales Online article, the tourism industry is the backbone of the Welsh economy. Campaigners argue that a rate cut will reduce youth unemployment and stimulate the local economy. Liberal Democrats in the Assembly tabled the following statement:


Written Statement of Opinion – Reducing Tax on Tourism

This Assembly:

Notes that over 170,000 people are employed directly and indirectly in tourism and related sectors in Wales;

Notes that 44 per cent of people employed in tourism are under 30, therefore measures to support this sector could play a key role in reducing the 18.9 per cent youth unemployment rate in Wales;

Believes that the UK should take advantage of EU dispensation for a lower VAT rate on tourism in order to reduce the burden on the tourism industry, enable growth, and better compete internationally; and

Urges the UK Government to lower VAT on tourism accommodation and attractions from 20 per cent to 5 per cent.


Raised By: Eluned Parrott


Aled Roberts (23/10/15)

William Powell (23/10/15)

Kirsty Williams (23/10/15)

Peter Black (23/10/15)

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