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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

United Kingdom VAT rate for accommodation almost double EU average

The Campaign for Reduced Tourism VAT has collated the latest set of EU VAT rates for the tourism sector covering hotel accommodation, admissions to cultural services, amusement parks, restaurants and catering services.

This update shows that the average EU VAT rate for hotel accommodation was 10.8% – almost half the rate applied in the United Kingdom. The average VAT rate for admissions to amusement parks was also significantly lower at 15.3%.

Graham Wason, Chairman of the Campaign for Reduced Tourism VAT said:
“The latest EU schedule clearly shows that the UK is an outlier when it comes to imposing the full rate of VAT on tourism. Our forthcoming Budget submission will demonstrate the case that a reduced rate of VAT for accommodation and visitor attractions in is in the best economic interest of the UK.”

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