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Cut tourism VAT, boost british jobs


Friday, 02 January 2015

Re-investing in the Loch Ness Legend with a Tourism VAT cut

The Campaign has asked supporters to write about what a tax reduction would do to help their business compete and invest. Below David Bremner of the award winning Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition writes about the prospects of increasing wages, footfall and re-investing in the Loch Ness Legend.  

The Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition has been a family operated business for more than 35 years.  The 20% VAT payable at present very much restricts our ability to re-invest in our business and product annually.  If there was to be a reduction in tourism related VAT we would be able to do so many more things to improve our business, especially in this tough economic environment as it stands.  We would be able to potentially reduce our charges and re-invest in the core of the ever expectant visitor attraction which consistently needs upgrading and maintaining.  We would be able to consider being able to increase wages and provide further year round employment.  If we can increase footfall by improving the product it can only lead to a more positive all round business.

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