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Cut tourism VAT, boost british jobs


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Margaret Ritchie MP: The progressive case for a tourism VAT reduction

Margaret Ritchie MP represents South Down in Northern Ireland. In this post she highlights recent evidence from the Nevin Economic Research Institute that reducing Tourism VAT is a progressive measure – especially in terms of helping low income families.

The Nevin Economic Research Institute report into the Irish Government’s Tourism VAT reduction is an important piece of research in that it clearly highlights the economic and financial benefits of a cut in VAT in tourism in the South of Ireland.

Undoubtedly, such a cut in vat on tourism facilities, accommodation, restaurants and events has had a positive impact on the economy, sustaining existing jobs, providing new jobs, but it has also helped those low income families who were suffering because of the economic recession. I noticed that increase in visitors to one of the Patrician sites in County Meath in August – the hill of Tara.

I believe that such a step change in visitor numbers could happen in the North of Ireland and particularly to Patrician sites and the Mountains of Mourne in my own constituency.  Such a decrease in VAT on tourism facilities in the North of Ireland could ensure that low income families could visit such sites, but also ensure that new job opportunities particularly for young people could be opened and sustained.

That is the opportunity that a cut in VAT in Tourism opens up for all of us – and particularly low income families.

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