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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Early day motion 584: ‘VAT on Tourism’

On 23rd November 2017, calls were made across Parliament for the Chancellor to reduce Tourism VAT to 5% across the UK. Early day motion 584, ‘VAT on Tourism’ received cross-party support after it was tabled by Stephen Lloyd MP and co-sponsored by Caroline Lucas MP, Dr Philippa Whitford MP, Jim Shannon MP and Sammy Wilson MP. This represents a trend of increasing Parliamentary support for a reduction in Tourism VAT, which has been recommended by three Select Committees and advocated by more than 130 MPs from different parties and an APPG.

Stephen Lloyd MP said:

‘The tourism industry lies at the heart of the British economy. But what the UK Visitor economy urgently needs is to become more competitive relative to its European counterparts. That means reducing the damagingly high rate of VAT on tourism, allowing the industry to compete on its merits with France, Germany, Ireland and Spain. I call upon my fellow MPs to sign the Early Day Motion and oppose the imposition of yet another tax on the hospitality industry’

Vernon Hunte, Campaign Manager of the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT, said:

‘I welcome Stephen Lloyd’s Early Day Motion and for his commitment to celebrating Britain’s Tourism and Hospitality sector, as the UK’s fourth largest industry. Independent research has shown that a reduction in the rate of tourism VAT to 5% would stimulate investment and spending in the hospitality industry across the UK, contributing £4.6 billion to the Exchequer, and leading to a reduction in the UK’s balance of trade deficit by £23 billion over 10 years. Show your support for the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT today by writing to your MP and urging them to sign the EDM’

As Chairman of Eastbourne Hoteliers Association, Dave Brachtvogel, offered his support to the Early Day Motion:

‘As observed by the British Hospitality Association’s recent report of the inquiry into Coastal Communities, the tourism industry is crucial for coastal communities, providing a business presence in areas which have seen the decline of their once traditional industries. In Eastbourne alone, the tourism industry provides 10.9% of Eastbourne’s full employment figures and boosts our economy by £110 million each year. A reduction in the rate of tourism VAT to 5% would stimulate investment, job creation and consumer spending and help us to ensure that Eastbourne’s visitor’s economy continues to thrive and that we are able to continue to offer quality accommodation to our guests.’

The Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT has drafted a letter for you to send to your local MP asking them to sign the EDM. Click the link below to download the letter.

Template letter to MPs on Early day motion 584

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