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Cut tourism VAT, boost british jobs


Thursday, 09 October 2014

Clacton-by-Election – what the candidates say on Tourism VAT

Clacton is one of the many areas of the UK which would benefit hugely from a reduction in Tourism VAT providing an economic boost in terms of increased demand, local investment and higher wages.

Cut Tourism VAT asked where the candidates in the Clacton By-Election stood on the issue, here is what they said:

Douglas Carswell – UKIP

Resorts like Clacton, Frinton and Walton deserve a VAT tax break. It would encourage people to spend money in the local economy, helping businesses and local people who rely on tourism to create jobs. I support this campaign wholeheartedly.

Tim Young – Labour

As someone who grew up in Clacton and remember it as a buzzing and vibrant seaside resort, I believe a cut in VAT would be a real boost in bringing back the good times. It is a change that is overdue.

Andrew Graham – Liberal Democrat

Investment is really important to Clacton. We need to encourage the regeneration of hotels. I personally support looking hard at the VAT issue as I think it would be a great help. I will work to try to persuade the Government to do this.

Giles Watling – Conservative

Tourism is crucial to our local community. That’s why I am campaigning for more investment and business in Clacton. While the Government deals with Britain’s debt and deficit, I believe taxes should be kept low to support enterprise and hard work

Chris Southall – Green Party

Thousands of Brits fly abroad on holiday using lots of fuel and adding to climate change. Supporting tourism in the UK, particularly here in the South East would create jobs and reduce pollution. Cutting VAT and improving train services would be a great help.

Charlotte Rose – Independent

As a former supporter of the English Riviera in Torbay, I feel all tax should be abolished for tourism and hospitality. The Government are using us a glorified tax collectors which is destroying our seaside and holiday areas. Seaside towns should have more control.

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