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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Bob Seely MP asks for UK wide study on reduction in Tourism VAT

Last week, the new Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight, Bob Seely MP asked the Government to investigate the benefits of a reduction in Tourism VAT in the United Kingdom as a whole.

Andrea Leadsom MP, the Leader of the House of Commons, recommended that he applies to hold a debate about how coastal communities like the Isle of Wight could be assisted.

The call to look into the issue UK-wide comes after the Government announced in late June that it will undertake a consultative report into the impact of reducing Tourism VAT in Northern Ireland.

The full text of the exchange is below.

Bob Seely MP, the Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight asked:

‘In the agreement made with the DUP, the Government very generously and very wisely offered a detailed study into the benefits of lower VAT on the tourism industry. May we have a statement or a debate in Government time on the benefits of such a study elsewhere in the United Kingdom, especially in coastal communities such as the Isle of Wight and more generally measures to support coastal communities in the UK. And may I recommend the Isle of Wight not only because it has the highest rates of sunshine in the UK, we have half our GDP from tourism, it is a self-contained area and would greatly benefit from such a study into lower Tourism VAT.

Andrea Leadsom MP, the Leader of the House of Commons, responded:

‘Can I welcome the Member to this House and I think he will obviously be a very strong advocate for the Isle of Wight and I am sure all honourable members will be keen to come there just as soon as their summer recess permits. He has campaigned on the issue of tourism which is vital to the Isle of Wight and I completely understand his desire to see more effort for coastal communities – that is shared by this Government and he may well want to apply for an Adjournment Debate or a Westminster Hall Debate to put forward his suggestions.’

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