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Cut tourism VAT, boost british jobs


Thursday, 03 October 2013

Latest Blog: Understanding the political landscape

With the completion of the party conference season, political representatives, strategists and advisers return to work knowing that a series of key elections are coming up. European and local elections, the independence referendum in Scotland and of course the General Election in 2015 mean we are now entering a key period for Cut Tourism VAT to engage in constituencies across the country.

Supporters of the Campaign know that our call – for UK Tourism VAT to be brought down to a reduced rate like our EU competitors – is supported by strong evidence showing that it would increase tax revenue to HM Treasury, create jobs and boost GDP. This is why 24 out of 28 countries in the EU have already taken advantage of a reduced rate of their sectors.

However, Campaigns are not won on the weight of evidence alone. Our political representatives need to view this as an issue which can affect the votes in their constituencies on future polling days.

Cut Tourism VAT recognises this, which is why our strategy is focused on the interests of both the consumer and our local communities. The strength of this proposal is not just that it is in the national economic interest, but it actually makes holidays and breaks a more affordable and pleasant experience for hard-working British families (who are still experiencing squeezed family budgets). Our recent survey shows that two-thirds people think it’s unfair they more pay twice VAT as a German or French family for a domestic break.

In addition the extra investment and customers will reinvigorate communities and towns across the country – and there are enough constituencies dependent on tourism to have a decisive impact on the result of the next election. Now we have begun making our representatives aware of it.

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