Cut Tourism VAT

Cut tourism VAT, boost british jobs


Thursday, 11 August 2016

BHA calls for VAT cut as Prime Minister takes break in low-rate Switzerland

Commenting on Prime Minister Theresa May’s August trip to the Swiss Alps, BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim said:

“At 20%, the UK’s rate of tourism VAT is more than five times that of Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the highest mountains in Europe and we have some of the highest tourism taxes”.

“A reduction in tourism VAT would create 123,000 jobs and improve the UK’s trade balance of payments by £20bn over 10 years and generate investment for regional businesses right across the country,” Ibrahim added.

“As the prime minister enjoys her holiday abroad, we urge the Government to lower the rate of tourism VAT to 5%, so that those millions who choose to holiday at home this summer are not unfairly disadvantaged by the UK’s disproportionately high rate of tourism VAT.”

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